БИЛЈАРД МАСА AMBASSADOR 8 со механизам за жетони 12885

  • Производител: GARLANDO
  • Шифра на производ:12885
  • Достапност:15-30 Days
  • 232.000,00ден
  • 208.800,00ден

  • Без данок:176.949,15ден

Elegant details on a high quality table

Available in 6, 7 and 8 foot size has a cabinet with an elegant profile and an exquisite mahogany coating, while the slanting legs with improved line are provided with brightly chrome-plated levellers. 

A high quality product, with scratch- and fire-proof handrails, it is provided with slate and cloth from the best suppliers for a perfect ball running. 

The ball track system, with the complete absence of blind spots, releases all balls at once. The universal selector is able to recognize both the 60,3mm and the 54mm cue ball. 

The anti-theft system retains the cue ball after the last numbered ball has been potted, preventing to obtain more balls, while the cash-box has an extra protection and a separate access door with its own key. 

Ambassador is operator-friendly: after opening the two service locks, the playing field can be lifted - to inspect and clean the cabinet inside or to replace the cloth - by one person only, thanks to a special mechanism enabling to lift the slate (on request). 

Coming with a mechanical coin mechanism with coin counter, Ambassador can also be equipped with more advanced systems as the mechanical coin mechanism with tamper-proof coin counter or the one with rejector, or the electromechanical and the electronic system GARL 2001.


Playfield220 x 110cm
Table packing262 x 152 x 50cm
Leg packing30 x 30 x 60cm
External size254 x 144cm

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